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Why the graphql is better than restful in math conclusion?

20 January, 2024

This article analyzes GraphQL's unique capabilities in API design, highlighting its advantages over REST, such as optimized data loading, enhanced data model composability, and improved semantic clarity in queries and mutations.

Viewpoints and Conclusions of The Road to Serfdom

19 January, 2024

The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek warns against planned economies, advocating for free markets and individualism to safeguard freedom and societal order. Hayek critiques central planning, emphasizing the knowledge problem and the evolution of social rules, defending liberalism as a solution.

Why can't the underworld manage high technology?

15 January, 2024

Galeev: Gangs excel in simple industries, struggle in complex sectors.

The event-listening implementation

13 January, 2024

This article explores the essence of event handlers as callback functions, relinquishing control to event initiators. Events are obtained through either polling or operating system-assisted methods like blocking calls. The operating system serves as an event callback system, handling interrupts, and integrating callbacks into event loops.


12 January, 2024

庆父,生年不详,死于公元前 660 年,又名仲庆父,姬姓,谥号共。「庆父不死,鲁难未已」的成语就是出自他本人